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Join us at the 2nd Annual Funding Futures New York on Thursday, October 17, 2019!​​

Meet Our Guest Speakers!

Funding Futures Chicago
Saturday, January 19, 2019

Carmen Defalco, emcee

Carmen Defalco joins us with 20 years of experience formatting and hosting radio and television talk shows. He has covered Super Bowls, World Series, NBA and NFL Drafts, The Stanley Cup Final, PGA Tour events and more! Defalco currenty co-hosts Carmen and Jurko on ESPN. He will help us kick off the new year by hosting Funding Futures Chicago!

Dr. Stefan Pinter, UCONN

Keynote Speaker
​Assistant Professor
UCONN Health

Dr. Pinter’s research is focused on understanding how chromosome arrangement and other genetic features orchestrate gene expression in Down syndrome (Ds). The presence of an additional full or partial chromosome 21 affects cellular health by impacting the important processes of DNA replication and cellular division. Research has indicated that altered expression of certain genes is seen throughout the entire genome.

More than a decade of association studies between portions of the genome and various diseases has revealed that much of the variety in gene characteristics that are either beneficial or detrimental, are not in the genes themselves, but actually in the portions of the genome that control gene expression. Therefore, a better understanding of the mechanisms that lead to altered gene expression may help in identifying targets for Ds-related gene therapies.

Margie Doyle

Margie Doyle first brought Funding Futures to Chicago in hopes to raise awareness of the new research available for the Down syndrome community. Almost a decade later, Funding Futures has raised over half a million dollars for LuMind RDS, and will continue to push the needle with Funding Futures Chicago 2019.
Funding Futures
Director of Development,
LuMind RDS